Haute Trash: An Artists Collaborative

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Elvira Mental Werks – Judy Nielsen and Shaun Muscolo

Elvira and her dear friend, Mental, have a long standing history of artistic collaborations. But when Elvira moved from southern California to Nevada County in 1988, much of the wonderful werks came to a screeching halt. With Elvira’s artistic notions and Mental’s penchant for approaching her creative process with that of a fine-tuned engineer, the two can proclaim “Elvira Mental Werks”! Elvira has drawn Mental away from her conservative-ville lifestyle to become a trash fabricator, at least for a small portion of the year. If trash fashion can’t bind old buddies together, what will? They hope your enjoyment of Haute Trash is enhanced as Judy and Shaun celebrate another year of friendship, artistic endeavors, and trash fashion.