Haute Trash: An Artists Collaborative

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posted February 2012

Haute Trash installs permanent exhibit at the Shoreway Environmental Center in San Carlos, CA

Haute Trash was thrilled when we were asked to create a permanent display for the Shoreway Environmental Center in San Carlos, CA. The Center provides tours of their state-of-the-art recycling center, and is primarily designed for middle school students.

Designers Lotta Rubbish (Nic Griffin) and Prima Debris (Kathi Griffis) worked with the staff to present two mannequins in trashy attire: “Pelagic in Blue and Green”, designed by Lotta (at left), and “Austin Powers”, designed by Prima. Also on display are photo images of ten more Haute Trash designs, by ten different designers.

We were also engaged to help celebrate the facility’s grand opening by dressing the Center’s staff in our Haute Trash designs (above).