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Haute Trash Appears at Green Glam at San Francisco City Hall

September 7, 2018.

Haute Trash was invited to show our work at the Green Glam fashion show at San Francisco City Hall. Green Glam SF is an environmental movement celebration uniting all sustainable industries, global leaders, conscious citizens, integrative health, transformational leaders and all communities with the commitment to environmental preservation and the health of future generations.

San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International was an Official Affiliated event of the Global Climate Action Summit 2018. Haute Trash was proud to be a part of this amazing event. Designers from all around the world converged on City Hall with some pretty incredible designs.



Lotta Rubbish (Nic Griffin), in her design “Pelagic in Blue and Green”.



Lotta Rubbish (Nic Griffin) with her design “Divine in Twine”.



Prima Debris (Kathi Griffis) design “Rose Petals Revisited”.



Our Haute Trash line up!



The work of “Punk Kouture”.