Haute Trash: An Artists Collaborative

A non-profit 501(c)3 Organization

Haute Trash presents “Planet or Plastic?”

Haute Trash was thrilled to return to our roots: the Nevada Theatre in Beautiful downtown Nevada City, CA. It was 30 years ago, that we performed our infamous “8-8-88” show at the oldest continuously running theatre in California. This was the show where we introduced the name “Hot Trash”, (which later morphed into “Haute Trash” in 1990.) We put on two fantastic shows, celebrating 30 years of trash fashion. We welcomed designers from all around the country and beyond: Vancouver BC, Connecticut, Oregon, Hawaii, Idaho, Colorado, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Jose…as well as our local designers.

Our production also featured a slide show, spanning our 30 year history, and a “Good News Show” with hosts Mikail Graham and Elisa Parker, highlighting some of the GOOD things that are happening for our environment. We offer a big thanks to our two major sponsors: Paint Care, and Grass Valley Courtyard Suites!