Haute Trash: An Artists Collaborative

A non-profit 501(c)3 Organization

Haute Trash’s New Earth Revue

We made quite an Earth Day commotion at the Wild Eye Pub, with our first show in over TWO years! Our “NEW EARTH REVIEW” was met with wild enthusiasm, with a sell out crowd! We featured over 60 designs from a dozen trashy designers. Master of Ceremonies Cosmo Merryweather guided us through a thought-provoking look into what’s new in the world of recycled fashion.  Haute Trash maintains its lifetime guarantee that YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT YOUR TRASH THE SAME AGAIN.

Phoenix, in “Trellis Less”, designed by Belle Star.

Three beautiful sisters! Karina, Jun, and Lily, in designs by Ivanna B. Green, Belle Star, and Garbie D’Trash.

Bonna, wearing Rayona Visqueen’s “Your Own Personal Greenhouse”.