Haute Trash: An Artists Collaborative

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Oregon Country Fair!

It was such a thrill to be back at Oregon Country Fair! Our last appearance there had been in 2019, where we presented a show to honor the 50th Anniversary of OCF. We were back in full force, with our second generation of Haute Trash designers really stepping up to the plate! We  presented daily shows at Stage Left and at the StewardShip Stage in Xavanadu Meadow. We featured all-new, epic trash-wear from the fringes of society. Haute Trash reminds you that today is the very best day to take that step towards being the change you want to see in the world. There is no more powerful moment than right now. We hope to inspire you to be aware of your consumption and waste and to become stewards of the natural world around you.


Second generation designer for the House of D’Trash, Lily, in her creation called “Aqua Vinyl”.


What a line up, and what a fabulous stage set at Stage Left!


Andrea modeling Rayona Visqueen’s “Organic Convenience Gown”.